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  • Doug Oosterhart, CFP®

What Are Your Thoughts? - Ep. 5 (Podcast!)

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In this episode:

Our guest, Alex Faust, is a friend of ours that has been asking us a few questions over the past few months, so we decided to bring him onto the show and discuss with him live. Sometimes people have questions regarding their financial lives and they don't necessarily know where to go.

Background on Alex: Global Sales Manager at Ancos Rice Industries, New homeowner (as of July 2018), good saver, financially savvy, but wants to make sure he optimizes his financial plans.

Does it always make sense to refinance your house? (0:50)

Pay off mortgage or invest? (6:30)

Should you buy a boat and how might it affect you long-term? (8:00)

Are "play money" accounts a good thing? (15:00)

Where to go to start investing? (23:30 AND 28:00)

Investment fees 101 (25:45)

Current recommendations on Netflix, books, etc. (32:00)

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