We have designed a process to help you (and us) make an informed and educated decision about working together.

Learning a little bit about our firm and the process will give you a framework for evaluating us and other firms you might be considering.

Here are the highlights:

No Cost Consultation
Answer Your Biggest Questions

We want to know exactly how we can help before we decide it we're a good fit.

You'll get guidance on your biggest questions regarding your financial life.

15-Minute Call

The very first step is a 15-minute "get to know each other" phone call.

Our Process

1 - Schedule a Call

A short phone call will give us both a chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise.

The call will accomplish the goal of whether or not it makes sense to continue the conversation.

2 - Discovery Meeting

It's important that we diagnose before we prescribe. A discovery meeting takes about 60 minutes and during our time we will get a clear view of where you're currently at vs. where you want to go in the future.

3 - Analysis and Review

Using your goals and our expertise, we craft a baseline plan that provides a road-map for the future. Our goal is to answer the following questions:

  • Are you on track to reach your goals?

  • How can your strategy be optimized?

  • How can your investments be improved?

4 - Take Action

We are looking for long-term client relationships, not a quick transaction. Some questions to consider:

  • Do I like, trust, and respect LifePoint Planning?

  • Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

  • Do I understand and agree with their investment approach?

  • Do their financial planning recommendations make sense?

How Do I Know If I'm a Good Fit?

We deliver the greatest value when we focus on complex situations that require our expertise. Our typical clients are:

professionals over age 50 who are on the cusp of retirement or currently retired.

diligent savers who have accumulated investment and retirement assets of $1 million or more.

people who understand that the success of their retirement is too important to be doing it themselves and value expert guidance.

Schedule Your 15-Minute Phone Call

Still Have Questions? Keep Reading...

How does LifePoint Planning make money?

We are a fee-only (a.k.a. commission-free) retirement planning firm. Our fees depend on the complexity and needs of the client and are a transparent line item on every statement. Some financial advisors are commission-based, which may cause fees to be hidden or create conflicts of interest. One transparent fee includes the management of all your investment accounts + ongoing retirement and financial planning. Our goal is to lower your taxes, reduce risk, and make sure you can retire without worry. Scheduling your first phone call with us will help you make an educated and informed decision about working with our firm and others you may be considering.

How are you different than other financial advisors?

There are a few important things that separate us from other advisors/firms:

  1. Cost vs. Value - We've spent time at other firms that charge clients in all different ways. Our model allows us the ability to generally charge the client less than other companies, maintain solid margins for us, and delivering a service experience that is unmatched.
  2. We limit the number of new clients we take on in any given year. This helps us to make sure that each relationship is personal and that we know our clients on deeper level.
  3. We take technology seriously. We make sure your time (and ours) is optimized by delivering a rich digital experience for each one of our clients. Let's face it, you're busy and appreciate your life being optimized.

Why should I consider hiring LifePoint Planning?

The best way to answer this question is by explaining why you shouldn't hire us: If you’re looking for an advisor who will trade stocks to “beat the market,” you’re in the wrong place. Why? Because we only focus on what you can control. Predicting if the stock market will go up or down, or guessing what interest rates will do next, are not things you can control. But if you’re interested in things like lowering your tax bill, investing smarter, and helping you ensure you'll never run out of money, you’re in the right place.

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If you still have a few questions, our blog might be a good resource for you.

Also, you can find our additional FAQ's here.