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  • Doug Oosterhart, CFP®

WAYT S2E12: Guest Colin Overweg, CFP® - Fee Structures and What You Should Know

In this episode, Colin Overweg joins me to discuss fee structures in financial planning. We talk about what types of clients might be the best fit for each type of model and also discuss the pros and cons of each model for both the advisor AND the client.

Colin utilizes the flat-fee model for a lot of his clients, so make sure you stick around to listen who that model is best suited for.

AUM or percentage-based fees

00:00 - 22:00 (AUM pros and cons 13:00)

Flat fees

22:00 - 41:00 (33:00 Pros and cons of a flat fee)


41:00 - 46:00

Hourly fees

46:00 - 53:30

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