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  • Doug Oosterhart, CFP®

General Motors Sample 401(k) Models - 2019

I wanted to include a free sample allocation for GM's 401(k). I met a prospective client a while back that was paying for 401(k) allocation and "management" WITHOUT getting any planning or advice which is where the real value comes from. Because of that, I said screw it - I'll simply provide the models for free. If people have questions or other pain points that they'd like to discuss, that's great. We're just not going to spend a bunch of time (or your money) on how to allocate the 401(k) because there are only about 30 investment options and I'd rather focus our time on how to meet the client's goals.

These samples aren't the be-all-end-all, and you should talk to a planner to determine what fits your specific situation, but they can at least be a guideline if you don't want to simply use a target-date fund.

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So here is a link to a sample allocation of GM's 401(k) for all levels of risk:

You can login to your 401(k) by going to:

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