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High-Earner, Aggressive Saver



Primary Goal:

Reduce taxes, make sure her investments are optimized and that she is saving in the correct places, spend less time managing her finances so she can enjoy life.

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The Challenge:

Ashley is a young and successful executive in the automotive industry. She has worked hard to be in a position earning a high-dollar income, but isn't quite sure how to optimize it. She is ready to move out of her long-time apartment and into a condo or single-family home. She wants to minimize her tax liability and know that she is on the right track to make work optional one day.

However, there were two massive obstacles in the way:


As a busy executive, Ashley didn't have time to properly manage her investments. Plus, she wasn't confident her plan was the right one. She had been called by an insurance agent trying to sell her a product, and she'd also been turned away by large brokerage firms since she didn't meet their minimums. Lastly, she's also heard that since the market is at an all-time high, she shouldn't invest the six-figure sum she had sitting in cash.

She knew she needed to work with someone that she could trust 100% with her money.

The Approach:

When we first met with Ashley, we caught her off guard. She was expecting to be sold a product or pitched on a certain product. She thought we'd talk about fees and minimums. Instead, we simply listened.

We listened to her about her goals of buying a house. Listened about how she desires to live a wealth driven life - one that is more than being financially wealthy. She was determined to get started with a plan that is customized for her.

Here's What We Did:

First, we educated Ashley on how LifePoint Planning works. We work in the best interest of our clients - every single time.


It was time to create a winning long-term strategy. We educated Ashley on how the market works, and with her 20+ year time horizon, put her mind at ease knowing that we will be the behavioral coach to help her avoid big investing mistakes. She understood our goals to maximize investment results, minimize fees and taxes, and protect her income.

Second, we set her up on our secure client portal. Now she can view ALL of her financial accounts at a glance.

Third, we helped create a plan to not only have enough for a down payment on her future house, but help her dollar cost average her large emergency fund into the market. On the money that she left in her savings, we found an account paying an interest rate 100x greater than she got at her local bank.

Here's the best part - WE WERE JUST GETTING WARMED UP

For Ashley, just like ALL of our clients, we help clarify and optimize their ENTIRE financial lives - an advantage you'll never get from the big financial firms (I know - I've been there!).

  • We suggested which investments to choose in her company 401(k)

  • We analyzed and optimized her employer benefits

  • We identified additional tax-efficient saving and investment opportunities

BEFORE: Ashley had a nice income but lacked confidence and clarity in her plan. She was overwhelmed confused about investing and worried about the future.

TODAY: Ashley is 100% confident in her career, her investments, and her future.


The first step in our process is to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation. This is a chance for both of us to make sure your situation matches our expertise.

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